Tuesday, July 17, 2012

State Line RR

It has been a while since my last race. Travel for various reasons had me out of town the last couple of weeks. But I did get in a great week of riding in Portland with some great weather and fun climbs.
Being chased - a lot of this going on.

The State Line RR looked like a good race. It is always a bit of a gamble going to new races, as it is never certain what you will get, but the new races this year have been really good. (Salina, Tallgrass, This race). Hopefully they will be back in the future.
More attacking

The cat 1/2/3 field looked good with about 25 starters. I was hoping to get in a breakaway with some others, but that ended up being a challenge. I kept trying to get into a promising move, and there were several, but the field was not willing to let me get much up the road. BB and JB rode well to keep most of the dangerous moves in check that we weren't in, but in the end, Brian West and Andrew Lyles got away, with Brian taking the win. I made it into the final chase group, but was in bad shape. We caught up to Andrew, but I exploded on the last climb with some pretty violent cramping.

That ends the heavy part of my road season. So I'm transitioning to more dirt time in preparation for CX. I'll kick start that by racing at the Colavita MTB race this weekend. I pre-rode the trail on Sunday and it looks like it will be a good time.