Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tour of KC

Raced day 2 and 3 of the Tour of KC last weekend. It was awesome to have a full team in the race. I think the fields were a lot smaller this year, but there were still a lot of big hitters in our race.

Saturday I tried to get into a break with some of the other big teams, but nothing was sticking. After that the heat really got to me and so I tried to hide in the group as much as possible to help out teammates at the finish. That didn't work out very well because I struggled with cramps near the end. Afterwards we had a team BBQ and had a good time.

Sunday was another hot day. My game plan was to be more conservative early. Unfortunately, the winning break went up the road early and I was totally out of position. I probably should have tried to get up to it as soon as it went, but instead just sat there. After that I took some small pulls at the front but the break was well up the road and gaining. I started to really struggle again in the heat and just tail-gunned for the rest of the race. Fortunately, my teammates did well again in the sprint.

I've just gotten a mountain bike for the first time in about 5 years, so I'm going to start riding that much more over the next couple of months. Should be fun/hilarious.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time Trials

A couple of time trials the past few weeks. First, the Jesse Blancarte 5.8mi TT on the well known Gardner course, then the State Championship race in Walnut, on a new 20.4 mile course.

JBTT: I was the first rider off, followed by Craig Henwood. Craig and I tend to be very closely matched whenever we go head to head, and this was no exception. At the turnaround he had made ground on me, then going back in I gained a little back, but not enough, Hemi won by 3 seconds and we posted the top two times for the day.

State TT: A new course that headed to the west, then south to the turnaround (the normal course had a bridge washed out). The course was quite hard, the south leg featured a long segment of very rough chip & seal that made holding speed very challenging. The other hard part ended up being the eastbound stretch back to the finish line which had momentum killing rollers and a headwind. I ended up doing the first half a little too fast and really suffered on the way back in.

Thanks Roger Harrison for setting up the turnaround point and taking pics

In the end, it was another close one, Hemi was only 6 seconds behind me, Bob Cummings 24 seconds back, and Walt Bleser at 33 seconds. Bruce Tanner was the fastest on the day by about 50 seconds, but raced masters. As usual, the Tailwind crew put on a great event.