Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Leavenworth weekend

Started off with a little of this:

I was one of the first people there and the last to start, so I got in a good 30 mile warmup ride on the RR course. I ended up getting the second fastest time on the day, which was still kind of slow. But I think it was a slow course.

Then some of this:

 I was really happy that we got a good rain race in. I tend to have good races in the rain. The break always goes earlier than you expect in this race, so I decided I'd be the one to initiate that split. JB made a good tempo up and over the finish hill, then I went to work. I tried a feeler move to see who would come, but that got pulled back quickly. We came up with a team gameplan and I rolled off again at about mile 8 and was soon joined by Brain West and Joe Fox. I was happy with that selection so off we went. We worked really well together. Coming back on US-73 Brian and I ended up dropping Joe near the turn back to Leavenworth. At about 3 miles to go, we saw some chasers coming on, but kept having a pretty good rotation. I jumped at about 800m to go and got a gap that I held to the line. Choch and BB came in a few seconds later after a long chase. The team rode excellently and things are looking good for our first major season objective, the Tour de Grove.

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